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Be the game changer

SOI New Season Launch

Join us in a series of presentation events

Wednesday September 28th, 7.00-9.00pm / Via Tommaso Gar 16/2
SOI Open Night: The Internet of Things revolution

An informal event fors students, startuppers, entrepreneurs and all innovation-enthusiasts to interact, discuss, elaborate and act around the Internet of Things.

Tuesday September 6th, 6.00-6.45pm / online event
SOI-ECIU Challenges in the Winter Semester

Learn the opportunities to participate in stimulating challenges provided by companies and institutions where you will work with students and learners from all disciplines and universities in the ECIU and Erasmus networks. Details about procedures and contents with final Q&A.

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Wednesday August 31th, 6.00-6.45 pm / online event
The New SOI-School of Innovation: How to Apply and Enroll

The new offer of the School of Innovation (courses, seminars, challenges) will be presented (approx 25 mins) with details about the application procedure, selection criteria, deadlines and more. 15 mins Q&A will follow.

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Embark on an innovation journey!

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School of Innovation in Italy!

Willing to boost your employability potential? Ready to do it in an interactive and stimulating way, together with other ambitious young people – as well as experienced professionals and Life Long Learners? Then the School of Innovation is the right place for you!


Innovation is the only insurance against irrelevance

— Gary Hamel —

Why School of Innovation

The School of Innovation leverages the very best of the University of Trento and external professionals to provide all Learners with the tools and the skills to become a more impactful entrepreneur, employee, instructor or professional.

The traditional university didactic offer is often limited by disciplinary boundaries. In order to enrich the present academic offer and respond to the ongoing economic and societal changes, the University of Trento has launched the School of Innovation (SOI) as a strategic project in 2016.

Ever since, innovative teaching, flexible and interdisciplinary education as well as attention to the emerging needs of students in terms of soft skills and employability have been its driving models.

School of Innovation
School of Innovation

The SOI Approach


SOI is unique in its overall approach, pioneering multidisciplinary applied education through problem-based and challenge-based teaching and learning.


Discipline, study level, nationality, gender and more diversity is crucial to mix students with LifeLong Learners and trigger the spark for success and fun.


Our innovation and entrepreneurship courses are designed to involve industry actors, mentors, teachers and learners: they interact in all phases of the learning process.

Innovation Certificate

The final Innovation Certificate is awarded to Learners who complete the innovation path, worth 12 ECTS, within one year.