the School of Innovation

The School of Innovation is an interdepartmental structure on innovation, entrepreneurship and innovative education.

As a part of the University of Trento’s strategic plan, it is mainly aimed at students and LifeLong Learners who would like to apply their creativity and learn how to develop innovation in existing institutions or launch new businesses.

Our Team

Sandro Trento


Alessandro Rossi

CLab Chief
Alessandra Scroccaro

Alessandra Scroccaro


Sara Giuffrè

Education Officer

Roberto Napoli

Project Manager

Francesco Guzzonato

Research Fellow

David Tacconi

Research Fellow

Stefano Turrini

Research Fellow

Sara Formaggio


Gianmarco Pallaoro


Maria Giuseppa Muriglio


Oksana Tokarchuk

Sandro Luigi Fiore

Stefano Cirella

Entrepreneurial mindset

Clab School of Innovation Trento

Since September 2018, SoI has been offering a package of courses to students from all University’s departments. It recently extended admission to LifeLong Learners in order to increas diversity.

SOI applied courses equip students with tools and skills to analyze, develop and promote innovation processes in different sectors—technical, scientific, social and humanistic.

SOI builds on the long-lasting experience of CLab Trento, the centre to develop an entrepreneurial mindset as well as passion for innovation, which has proven very popular among students.

Hosted in the Clab Trento interdisciplinary laboratories, which further encourages the entrepreneurial vision of innovation and its implementation, SoI complements the lab-based approach with focussed applied education and challenge based learning opportunities, along with a strong interdisciplinary attitude.

Innovation Certificate

The Innovation Certificate is the recognition of a complete journey through innovation, business, technology and much more. Discover what the School of Innovation can do for you.

SoI Activities

The School of Innovation offers a wide range of courses and challenges focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship in different fields. Start build your personalised programme.

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