offered by the School of Innovation

SOI offers a package of courses to students and PhD candidates from different departments of the University of Trento and partner international Universities.

Professionals and Lifelong Learners are also welcome to apply for SOI activities.

SOI activities provide learners with relevant tools to analyze and promote innovation processes in technical, scientific, social and humanistic fields. SOI learners also use interdisciplinary laboratories, which facilitate the entrepreneurial vision of innovation.

The 12 ECTS must contain:

  • at least 2 ECTS from the category “Essentials”
  • at least 2 ECTS from the category “Domain”
  • at least 4 ECTS from the category “Specialization”

Participation is mandatory for at least 80%.

You will be defined as

  • SOI free mover: if you just select a few courses.
  • SOI full student: if you aim at the final certification.
Semester I(September–December 2022)
Semester II(February–May 2023)


At least 2 ETCS
Semester I
Changes may apply.

Learners who are not enrolled in the University of Trento cannot get the credits for single activities, but they can get the final Innovation Certification if they get 12 ECTS within 12 months.

Students need to check with their Department or Degree administration about credit recognition before starting the selected SOI activities.

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