IEL Innovation of Education Lab

If you are a professor or a researcher and you want to test CBL in your class, IEL - Innovation of Education Lab, can provide you all the support and resources to achieve your educational objectives.

IEL is promoted by the School of Innovation and FormID (Centro di competenza per la Formazione dei Docenti e l’Innovazione Didattica) and aims to pursue excellence in teaching and learning, through the challenge-based approach.


Creating a multi-institutional network to engage faculty and stakeholders in a common educational enterprise, providing a framework to address the challenges of multi-institutional educational offerings.


Serving as incubator for developing and testing new teaching and learning methods together with all stakeholders.


Fostering educational research through the scientific evaluation of atomize initiatives.

Innovative CBL pedagogy

For the implementation of an innovative challenge-based educational pedagogy and for the training of teachers, in the method “Team(c)hers”, IEL provides cutting-edge knowledge, methodologies and resources.

  • Best practice cases for innovative learning and teaching
  • Variety of educational resources jointly offered by all participants
  • Environments to create, understand, apply teaching and learning models, as well as the fundamentals of new pedagogical technologies
  • Work on designing new micro-credentials, linked to CBL
  • Wider applications of existing educational models and co-creation of new models which can mature and be taken up by the universities