SOI-108 AI in Everyday Life (online)

Instructor Fausto Giunchiglia
Modality Online
Duration 12 hours
Period Second semester

23/04/2024 at 17:00-19:00
30/04/2024 at 17:00-19:00
07/05/2024 at 17:00-19:00
14/05/2024 at 17:00-19:00
21/05/2024 at 17:00-19:00
28/05/2024 at 17:00-19:00

Details Course Code: SOI-108

Course objectives

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a key driver of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, transforming all sectors of society, from business and health to education. Targeted or Restricted AI (Narrow AI), applications aimed at carrying out very specific tasks, have been evolving more and more in recent decades. From the use of technologies such as Siri or Alexa which help us make a phone call, or the use of the Google search engine which returns us the information we requested in a few seconds or even when we discover photos on social networks where we use targeted applications AI. In this course, we utilize the participants’ familiarity with such applications, in order to explore the technical, but also social and ethical aspects, of the modern AI system.
Narrow AI differs fundamentally from the General AI (e.g., humanlike agents and even humanoid robots) that are often portrayed in science fiction novels and movies, which tends to influence the public’s beliefs about what AI is and where AI research is headed in the near future. In fact, General AI is – according to most scientists – neither possible nor desirable. Thus, this course focuses on Narrow AI applications, which can augment human capabilities, and which are playing an increasing role in the workplace.
The overall objective of the learning unit is to help participants appreciate what AI actually is, as well as to understand the basic elements of AI technologies, and how they are developed.

Content summary

Learners will familiarize themselves with the fundamental definitions and concepts around AI, but also the widespread methods used in the creation of systems. In particular, an introduction to data-driven AI, based on machine learning, is provided. The role of personal data in the AI ecosystem – provided to companies via the use of services such as search engines and social media – will be discussed.
In addition to examining the fundamental concepts surrounding the technical aspects of Narrow AI, we will also examine the ethical and social implications of its widespread use. Participants will therefore learn to analyze the functions of "everyday" AI applications and will be able to understand the potential risks of these technologies, in an effort to raise awareness, encouraging them to critically evaluate them.
In short, the ultimate goal of this course is to empower participants to make use of AI applications – particularly those that are playing an increasing role in everyday life – in an optimal way.

Teaching methods

The course will be taught in English. The course will be fully online, including the evaluation tests. The lecture hours will be used to answer the students’ questions and to collect feedback.

Detailed Syllabus