Challenge: Business Analytics for a Sustainable Telecommunication Market (blended)

Application deadline: March 21, 2022
Application deadline: March 21, 2022 (you will be redirected to the ECIU website)


Challenge provider WindTre
Instructor Sandro Fiore, Roberto Napoli
Period from 28th March to 6th May (slight changes may apply)
Application deadline March 21, 2022
Embedded micro-module Business Analytics, 6h, 1ECTS
Challenge Business Analytics for a Sustainable Telecommunication Market
Challenge average workload 1,5 hours per day, 5 days a week


The telecommunication market is reaching saturation in terms of offered bandwidth, with new entrants who increase the sector’s competitiveness, thereby lowering prices and increasing players’ efficiency. Players hence need to find new opportunities and innovative lines of business.

WindTre’s strategy is to increase general sustainability of its business in order to win environment-conscious consumers, and to position itself as the right partner for companies willing to contribute to the SDG goals. This will trigger a virtuous effect in the telecom market, with a shift from price competition to green competition.

WindTre has more than 24 million customers on fixed and mobile lines. It has 99.7% of 4G coverage and is the only one with 95.4% of 5G coverage. WindTre is leading the Italian mobile consumer market and it is one of the largest operators in the fixed market.

The challenge

Imagine the telecom market of the next 5 years and identify business opportunities to attract and retain the new generation of consumer and business customers, while making the business more sustainable and environmentally-conscious.

Assessment and expectations

Since critical thinking and auto-reflection are one of the 21st Century skills and one of the most recommended capacities required by the job market (World Economic Forum, 2020), we’ll propose to students a new way of learning based on a self-directed approach and on the integration between a formative (individual and team tasks during the challenge) and a summative evaluation (final project presentation).

Rethink the telecom market by identifying smart solutions to increase the overall sustainability of the business model.

Expectations from students

Learn to use data to analyse and solve problems, understand the market, apply creativity to generate smart ideas, maintain a strong focus on SDG11 “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable“, develop an actionable and sustainable plan.


28/03/202219:00-21:00Business AnalyticsTheoryOnline
30/03/202217:00-19:00Business AnalyticsTheoryOnline
04/03/202219:00-21:00Business AnalyticsTheoryOnline
06/04/202217:00-19:00Challenge Kick-offwith WindTreOnline
07/04/202217:00-19:00Challenge Action PlanOnline
11/04/202219:00-21:00Business AnalyticsWindTreOnline
13/04/202217:00-19:00Challenge Action PlanOnline
27/04/202217:00-19:00Challenge Scenarioswith WindTreOnline
03/05/202217:00-19:00Challenge Action PlanIn person
06/05/2022Whole dayChallenge Grand Finalewith WindTreIn person

How to apply

You need to apply on the ECIU platform within March 21.

Application deadline: March 21, 2022