SOI-138 Business Empathy Essential

Instructor Lucilla Fazio, Tommaso Corà
Modality In presence
Period First semester

Course objectives

The course is designed to provide participants with a concrete, shared experience of how to structure
and conduct a process of researching and analyzing through design methodologies. Through
collaborative activities and hands-on classroom exercises, the theory presented will be put into
practice. Participants will leave with tools that can be used and replicated in their everyday academic
and professional lives.

Content summary

Understanding the context
• PESTEL analysis
• Environment Scan
• Stakeholder Map
• Assumption Matrix

Understanding stakeholders through qualitative analysis
• In-depth interviews
• Ethnographic observation

Learning Outcomes

• Discover and understand the main tools and methodologies in the design empathy process
• Discover and understand the latent and hidden needs of people
• Understand how caring about what customers want can radically change a business by
presenting new opportunities
• Understand that the empathy process is the key to creating products and services capable of
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