CaaS: Build the City You need

Application deadline: September 25, 2023
Application deadline: September 25, 2023 (you will be redirected to the ECIU website)


Challenge provider Dedagroup; Openmove; HIT
Instructor Erica Santini, Sandro Fiore
Period Fall semester
Application deadline September 25, 2023
Embedded micro-module Innovation Ecosystems, 2 ECTS; Data Governance, 2 ECTS
Challenge CaaS: Build the City You Need

Challenge Description

Do you believe that technologies are automatically transforming our cities into ‘smart’ ones?

The objective of this challenge is to leverage open data and develop creative and practical citizen-centric services. Cities are generally not able to give an effective answer to the differentiated set of citizens’ needs, and to serve on demand. Students should identify how data-driven services can have a positive impact in different areas of application, such as transportation, public safety, health and well-being, education, or community engagement. To this end, they should be able to deal with data in terms of access, integration, analysis and visualization with the ultimate goal of extracting relevant knowledge by exploiting proper data science tools. Students will explore how to address the needs and preferences of the residents of the Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT) while enhancing their quality of life through open data-driven solutions.

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to apply an ecosystemic approach in the design of effective and efficient services for citizens. Students will also learn how to treat open data with a robust and strategic view. This will allow them to create synergies by crossing sectoral boundaries and applying a data driven approach for the design of citizens services.


Knowledge and skills acquired in the two modules will be immediately applied in the Challenge. The two Micro modules will be taught online in the first part and in person during the in-presence week in Trento (6-10 November, TBC), when the Challenge will be kicked off. During the challenge, the challenge provider will give mid-term feedbacks to teams. Teamchers check class and students advancement; challenge providers select the winners and give feedbacks about the final presentations.

Attendance of all activities, including physical presence in the week organized in Trento, is compulsory.

Students can ask their home University international office for mobility funds to attend the in-presence week in Trento.

Application Information

Application deadline for the Challenge AND the Micro modules: 25 September

Two Micro modules are embedded in the challenge: 

SOI-053 Innovation Ecosystems:

SOI-093 Data Governance:

The two Micro modules are compulsory for students who want to take the challenge. They need to apply for the challenge AND for both Micro modules. If they are accepted in the challenge they will be automatically accepted for the two Micro modules.

Application deadline: September 25, 2023