SOI-060 Circular Economy (NOT AVAILABLE in 2023/2024)

Instructor Micol Chiesa
Modality In presence
Duration 6 hours
Period Second semester

Course objectives

This course will consist of 3 sessions each 1.5 hours long. The course draws on dualbperspectives – academia and business.  The elective leader will give a short introduction to each topic, while the guest speaker will engage with the practical side of the class. In each session significant time will be set aside for discussion and students should come prepared to engage with the course material.
Class 1: Introduction to Circular Economy
The first class provides an overview of corporate purpose from the concepts of corporate sustainability to corporate environmental management.  The class will continue with the concept of circular economy, its development and purpose – as well as an overview of its key principles. The guest speaker will add further details on the emerging practices of a circular economy and the benefits that moving to circularity could have for corporations.
Guest Speaker: Silvia Scopelliti, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Class 2: Circular Energy
The last class focuses on circular energies by examining how various sources of waste generate energy through thermal, biological and chemical routes. The lecture will also cover the hydrogen revolution by discussing it’s potential as a source of renewable energy.
The guest speaker will examine with students how hydrogen technologies are evolving and the main market applications.
Guest Speaker: Giulio Pasquinelli SVP at SNAM, Head of Biometano
Class 3: Circular Materials
The objective of this class is to provide insights into waste management options, and how to reduce waste destined for disposal by encouraging the use of waste as a resource. Special focus will be placed on the global plastic challenge, including growth trends and drivers. The lecture will cover some of the main issues associated with the impact of plastics on the environment and the measures which will assist the industry to achieve greater levels of sustainability. The guest speaker will help students gain an understanding of plastics recycling, the technical and commercial challenges, and the wide range of options that are available for the re-use of plastics.
Guest Speaker: Giulio Bonazzi, CEO – Aquafil