Consumer-Centric Innovation: the ground for success

Consumer-Centric Innovation: the ground for success

InstructorDaniela Querqui
PeriodSecond semester
Length (h)6

Course Objectives

Consumer Centricity is fundamental to the success of new products and services.

The Consumer-Centric Innovation lectures provide an overview of key frameworks and tools which help to understand Consumer Drivers and to design Consumer-Centric Services and Product Experiences.  These tools and approaches are based on industry best practices and extensive market experience. They enable a structured, holistic assessment of new ideas in perspective of consumer value dimensions.  

The course covers both the strategic perspective as well as the more practical executional approach. Case studies with class discussions of real industry examples help to better understand the practical application of the course learning.

Course Content Summary

  • Innovation: creating Consumer Value, not just Product Invention
  • What is Consumer Value? The multiple dimensions of Consumer Value.
    • Understanding Consumer Value: Research Approaches
  • Communicating Consumer Value: Consumer Insights
  • Translating Consumer Value into Products & Services: The innovation Model
  • Case studies

Teaching methods

Lectures and discussion of case studies