SOI-065 Creativity and Collective Creativity in Organizations (online)

Instructor Stefano Cirella
Modality Online
Duration 12 hours
Period Second semester

05/03/2024 at 17:00-21:00
19/03/2024 at 17:00-21:00
21/03/2024 at 17:00-21:00

Details Course Code: SOI-065

Course objectives

This course is designed to explore the characteristics and challenges of creativity and collective creativity at work. In particular, the module encourages to move the main focus from individual creativity to forms of collective creativity (group or team creativity).

Using different case studies, the course also aims to explore the mechanisms that can support collective creativity by design.

Content summary

  • Introduction to the creative process
  • Team and collective creativity
  • Organisational mechanisms to support collective creativity
  • Leading for creativity

Teaching methods

Lectures and teamwork on case studies


  • Slides and materials will be used during the course
  • Article: Catmull, E. (2008). How Pixar fosters collective creativity. Harvard Business Review, 86, 65-72.
  • Book chapter: Flocco, N., Canterino, F., Cirella, S., Coget, J-F. and Shani, ABR., (2018). Exploring Integrative Creative Leadership in the Filmmaking Industry. In: Creative Leadership: Contexts and Prospects. Editors: Charalampos, M., Epitropaki, O. and Kark, R., Routledge. 244- 258.
  • Optional academic articles for further study TBA