Finance for firm’s growth I

Finance for firm’s growth I

InstructorRiccardo Fisogni
PeriodFirst semester
Length (h)6

Course Objectives

Finance for firm’s growth is split into two modules which reflects the hypothetical firm’s grow paths.

The aim of the fist module is to provide the students with the mapping of the financing alternatives and of the actors that can provide them through the firm ideal journey from the establishment to the listing. The emphasis will be on the early steps of the firm’s lifecycle from the pre-seed phase up to the size of a SMI and the students will familiarize with the tools to define and structure the most suitable solutions to deal with the financing requirements of the firms.

The lecture have a practical approach and the theory is limited to the setting of a shared level of knowledge, with consistent references to real situations from the everyday practice of the speaker and aims to offer the students an articulated framework to understand and drive the financing related decision making process in a variety of situations.

Course Content Summary

  • Lifecycle and innovation content: firms were not made alike
  • Financing tools and investors
  • Start up evaluation methods
  • Why the business plan is so important
  • Exiting or growing: the same funding approach?

Teaching methods

Lectures discussion of business cases