SOI-059 Fintech: disrupting the financial sector

Instructor Pablo Soler Bach
Modality In presence
Duration 6 hours
Period First semester

2.10 h17-19
5.10 h19-21
12.10 h19-21

Course objectives

The financial industry is experiencing an important moment of disruption, thanks to new technologies and favourable regulation. The frontiers between industries have blurred thanks to the use of technology. This has allowed new entrants, both start-ups, corporations and big technology players to enter activities which used to be traditionally reserved to banks and insurers.

During this course, we will focus on some of the changes that are happening, now with the pandemic faster than ever, in areas such as payments, wealth management (with the introduction of robo-advisors), peer-to-peer or specialised lending or insurance.
The course will help managers get an understanding of the fundamentals of innovation and change in the financial sector, which is one of the key infrastructures countries, economies and corporations need to operate.

It will also provide specific tools and practical examples useful for managers in a wide variety of roles and settings, such as digitalisation, business development, automation of processes, Corporate Venture investment or Financial Management.

Content summary

  • Fintech: introduction to the main drivers of innovation.
  • Democratisation of financial services and products: trading, wealth management or remittances.
  • Assessing business model and technological choices: “make or buy”.
  • Insurance: the next big wave of disruption through technology.
  • Venture Capital, Corporate Venture Capital and corporate innovation.
  • The threat of the big techs, Conclusions.

Teaching methods

Lectures, cases and teamwork