SOI-135 Fundamentals of Design Thinking

Instructor Lucilla Fazio, Tommaso Corà
Modality In presence
Period First semester

Course objectives

The course is designed to teach participants how to approach problem solving with a practical,
stakeholder-centric mindset that leads to innovation. Through a concrete, shared experience,
participants will learn more about stakeholders, how to challenge assumptions, reframe problems,
and create creative solutions that lead to differentiation and competitive advantage.

Content summary

• Design as fit
• Evolution of design
• History of silicon valley
• Ideo and its role in the spread of design thinking
• Design thinking
• Evolution of design thinking models and consequences (stanford, design council uk, ibm)
• Design as an ambidextrous discipline
• Cynefin decision domain analysis model
• Framing of a problem and problem statement
• How design thinking has changed designers and design leadership

Learning Outcomes

• Understand what Design Thinking is and learn the benefits it can bring at a personal and
organizational level to managing development projects in their organizations.
• Become an agent of change and innovation in the corporate culture
• Know how to move from the problem frame to the solution frame, identifying new paths that
have never been taken before.
• Transform ideas into practical and attractive proposals for the people we are addressing
• Leverage design thinking by transforming it into an asset that adds value to the entire team in
their academic and work contexts