SOI-136 GreenOps

Instructor Sandro Luigi Fiore
Modality In presence
Period First semester

Course objectives

GreenOps is the study and practice of environmentally sustainable computing. It fosters carbon
emissions transparency, accountability, and awareness in the IT sector, paving the way towards
technological solutions that can make a concrete impact on the environment.
GreenOps is radically entering into the big market of multi-cloud environments dominated by
hyperscalers (Microsoft, Google, Amazon) creating excellent opportunities for new startups and
companies working in the sustainability area.
The course is intended to provide students with GreenOps foundations presenting both theoretical
and practical aspects as well as real-world case studies from industry. It targets students from all
disciplines and consists of 12 hours. At the end of the course students will have a comprehensive
knowledge and understanding of GreenOps fundamentals.

Content summary

The course will include the following topics:
– Course introduction
– Sustainability, climate, and carbon reduction
– GreenOps fundamentals
– GreenOps vs FinOps
– GreenOps framework
– Sustainability metrics
– The role of Artificial Intelligence
– Operating the IT environment
– The role of Hyperscalers
– Case studies from industry

Teaching methods

The course is structured with theoretical parts and a set of real-world case studies, discussed in class.
It will also include seminars from renowned experts in the field who will provide an in-depth industry-
based perspective.

A final test will be used to assess students’ knowledge and understanding of the course topics.


The course material consists mainly of slides and specific readings provided by the instructor and
invited speakers.