SOI-094 Innovating Supply Chains

Instructor Marco Formentini
Modality In presence
Duration 6 hours
Period First semester

30.11 h19-21
7.12 h17-19
14.12 h19-21

Course objectives
“Innovating Supply Chains” is an introduction to the fundamental principles and practices of Supply Chain Management (SCM). The aim of this course is to provide a set of frameworks and models to understand the key supply chain processes, how different business actors are interacting across the supply chain and what are the relevant challenges that supply chain managers are currently facing. We will discuss the role played by innovation, digitalization and sustainability in the context of supply chain management, to review and discuss traditional models and integrate novel perspectives. The course is based on different learning approaches, building on case studies and class discussions.
Content summary
• Introduction to Supply Chain Management and key processes
• Traditional models for SCM
• The role played by Innovation in SCM
• SCM in the Digital Transformation age
• The Sustainability challenge
Teaching methods
Case analyses
Groupwork and class discussions