Innovation in biotechnology and biomedicine

Innovation in biotechnology and biomedicine

InstructorLorenzo Beltrame
PeriodFirst semester
Length (h)6

Course Objectives

The aim of the seminar is to introduce to some operative notions developed in the social studies of current bioeconomy (i.e. the economy of biomedical and biotechnological innovations). In particular, the seminar will explore how (bio)technological innovation processes work within the configurations of current bioeconomic regimes. During the seminar it will be discussed how innovation processes in these field are structured in order to generate value in different kinds of markets.

Course Content Summary

  • Notions of bioeconomy, biocapital and biovalues.
  • Commodification, assetisation and exploitation of (bio)labour in biotech/biomedical sectors
  • Commodity-based and asset-based markets in biotech/biomedical sectors

Teaching methods



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