SOI-005 Innovation processes and the new production of users

Instructor Attila Bruni
Modality In presence
Duration 6 hours
Period First semester

15.11 h19-21
29.11 h17-19
15.12 h17-19

Course objectives

Although traditionally dismissed by managers and engineers, the productive role of users is under constant development. Nowadays, users play different roles in innovation, production and consumption than they did previously. Users develop new forms of innovative collectives that enable their engagement with products and technologies; users generate contents, products and ideas; users face creative managers, designers and producers who will develop new strategies for involving and analyzing other users. Focusing on the new production of users therefore means both detecting the new production by users and highlighting organizational efforts to produce active and reliable users. The course equips students with concepts and methods to apply in order to take into account the active role of users in innovation processes and, at the same time, how organizations and designers stimulate users to engage with innovations.

Content summary

  • Innovation processes and science and technology studies
  • The role of users in innovation processes
  • Prosumers, consusers and the new production of users

Teaching methods

Lectures and teamwork


Hyysalo, S., Jensen, T.E., Oudshoorn, N. (2016) The New Production of Users. Changing Innovation Collectives and Involvement Strategies. Routledge, London.