Innovation Seminar

Innovation Seminar

PeriodSecond semester
Length (h)6

Course Objectives

Innovation Seminar (or Innovation Day) is a seminar on innovation which gathers representatives from the world of large companies, SMEs, startups, public administration, and international organizations in order to discuss different aspects of innovation. A creativity game is foreseen during the event.

The event will take place on Tuesday, 10 March from 2 PM to 6:15 PM.


14.00Opening remarksSandro Trento (Director of the School of Innovation)

Roberto Gabriele (Vice-director of the Department of Economics and Management)

Paolo Collini (Rector of the University of Trento)

14.20Think globally, innovate locallyAlberto Salizzoni (City Council Member for Urbanism and Mobility);
Mattia Corbetta (Policy Analyst at OECD Trento)
Andrea Sartori (Director of Hub Innovazione Trentino)
15.05Innovating big: current trendsFrancesco Magagnino (Head of Commerce Innovation at Accenture)
Anastasia Buda (Corporate social responsibility Manager at Samsung)
15.35Innovative solutions at SMEsVittorino Filippas (Innovation manager at Fantic)
Mario Maresca (Managing director at N-Exolution )
16.05Creativity+coffee breakLeonardo Benuzzi (Innovation manager)
17.15When innovation meets entrepreneurshipLidia Pieri (CEO at Sibilla)
Peter Watson (Managing director at Distract)
17.45Innovation Olympics: students in quest of novel solutionsRuggero Moser (General director of Alto Garda Servizi)
18.15Goodbye greetingsSandro Trento (Director of the School of Innovation)