International Entrepreneurship – International Alliances

International Entrepreneurship – International Alliances

InstructorVittorino Filippas
PeriodFirst semester
Length (h)12

Course Objectives

Students will learn why we need alliances, how to create and how to manage them successfully.

Course Content Summary

90% of current business is generated by alliances. In everyday business is impossible to do without them. Alliances ranges from simple contracts to joint ventures, merges and acquisitions and very often they are originated by cross border agreements. So we will go through the following learning path:

  • International alliances: need and scope of alliance, structure and organization of a cooperation.
  • The importance of partner selection
  • Coopetition.
  • Coordination issues when setting up an alliance

Teaching methods

Blended MOOC or Flipped class. I.e. students are exposed to a 10-15min video outlining a concept. Such concept is internalized through discussions in class. Immediately after the concept is applied on students’ project.

Students following all 4 modules will develop their own entrepreneurial project very often making use of an alliance.


  • Alliance Advantage – Y. L. Doz, G. Hamel