International Entrepreneurship – Multicultural Negotiations

International Entrepreneurship – Multicultural Negotiations

InstructorVittorino Filippas
PeriodFirst semester
Length (h)12

Course Objectives

Negotiation ability is one of the most wanted soft skills in modern managers and entrepreneurs. Students will get the basis of negotiation and will learn hands on during real negotiations.

Course Content Summary

Alliances and great deals do not come automatically and conflict resolution are the key of successful management of any business opportunity. This is why we expose students to a few tutorials on these subjects and ask them to put into practice the learning through role play negotiations. Debriefing of the negotiation is key to hone those abilities. The subjects we deal with are:

  • Multicultural negotiation and conflict resolution: two parties against the problem rather then one against the other
  • Negotiation phases: preparation, contact, match, conclusion and golden moment. The importance of each of the phases.
  • Principles of NLP (Neuro Language Programming) applied to negotiation practice: smart hints to make your negotiation a win-win one.
  • The contract seen from a non-legal point of view. Negotiation issues involved. IPR from a non-legal point of view.

Teaching methods

Blended MOOC or Flipped class. I.e. students are exposed to a 10-15min video outlining a concept. Such concept is internalized through discussions in class. Immediately after the concept is applied using case studies and role-play realistic negotiations.


  • Getting to Yes – R. Fisher, W. Ury
  • NLP at Work – Sue Knight