Team Kanban Practitioner

Intensive course – March 2023

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What is Kanban?

SOI offers UniTrento students from all Departments the Kanban opportunity!

Kanban is an innovative work-management method developed by David J. Anderson at Microsoft in 2004. While originating in software development, this approach lends itself perfectly also to knowledge work (yes, studying included!). Its defining feature is undoubtedly the workflow visualisation. Indeed, thanks to the Kanban board, it allows a precise work load measurement, management and optimisation. All all these qualities made it one of the most widely used and recognised agile approaches in the current job market, with applications in a variety of work environments such as marketing, sales, HR, accounting, legal services & IT. Finally, more and more companies are starting to implement agile approaches, making this tool a competitive advantage in the job market for those who are familiar with it.

Benefits of Kanban

• Cuts total working time due to increased productivity.
• Cuts performance anxiety due to increased predictability of the various work-steps.
• Improves work quality due to increased efficiency.
• Enables sustainable work pace due to increased self-organization.
• Provides you with a competitive advantage in the work place

Course structure and contents

This course will be offered in presence at SOI.

Day 1 Friday 24/03 (11-19 h)

• Introduction to Agility
• Introduction to Kanban
• Push vs. pull systems
• Kanban Simulation
• Debriefing of the simulation
• The 6 Kanban Practices
• The 3 Kanban Change principles
• Design, mechanics, and structure of a Kanban System

Day 2 Saturday 25/03 (9-13 h)

• Deep Dive: Kanban metrics and their interpretation, measuring & improving performance
• Kanban metrics
• Ticket and board design patterns
• Managing risk and priorities with service classes
• Designing a basic Kanban Board
• Simulation of a Daily Stand-up Meeting

Deadline to apply: Sunday 19 March