Leadership: theory and case studies

Instructor Paolo Carta
Duration 6 hours
Period Second semester

Course objectives

When you’re not technically a virtuoso, you have to say something. You have no place to hide (Art Farmer about Miles Davis)

Does leadership matter in innovation? Can leadership be taught? Why are some people leaders and others not? Does gender matter? What does it mean to be a leader in a team? What about followers? What is the interplay? The course aims at providing students with a knowledge of different leadership models, teamwork theories and practices and group thinking methods, through the investigation of case studies and their connections with strategic intuition and innovation.

Content summary

  • Models of leadership
  • Why leaders fail to lead
  • Machiavellian Leaders and Innovation
  • Leadership BS
  • Group Thinking and Plurality
  • Doing things with words
  • Teamwork and interplay
  • The perverse organization and its deadly sins
  • Strategic Intuition
  • Constructive nonconformity
  • Sparking Creativity asking the right questions
  • Never ask ‘Am I creative?’: you were born to begin something new!

Teaching methods

Models and Case studies discussion, presentations, tests and teamwork.


Readings will be circulated through Moodle (Keohane, Duggan, Long, Gino, Pfeffer…)