Negotiation Skills

Instructor Andrea Caputo
Duration 18 hours
Period First semester

Course objectives

The course teaches attendees to develop and implement effective negotiation strategies. Participants will be supported in identifying individual strengths and weaknesses and develop a broad understanding of the ethics and agents involved in negotiations.

Participants will learn how to manage different negotiation situations, how to prepare for a negotiation, how to adjust their strategy, how to analyze and practice negotiation strategies and techniques alone, when part of a team, or in an agency relationship. Attendees will benefit from a blended delivery of asynchronous and synchronous content, and live simulations.

Content summary

  • The nature of negotiation
  • Distributive negotiations
  • Integrative negotiations
  • Ethics in negotiations
  • Relationships and agency in negotiations

Teaching methods

The course is delivered as a blended intensive programme, featuring a mix of online (asynchronous and synchronous sessions) and in-person 2-hour sessions. The course is intended for participants without prior knowledge of negotiation, and it is aimed at developing negotiation skills via theoretical and practical learning.


Lewicki, Saunders & Barry, Negotiation, McGraw-Hill, 2015, 7th edition (or previous / later edition).