SOI-141 Orienteering: Unlocking New Potential for a Niche Sport Club

Application deadline: September 26, 2024
Application deadline: September 26, 2024 (you will be redirected to the ECIU website)


Challenge provider PWT Italy
Instructor Jessica Lucchetta, Stefano Turrini
Period Fall semester
Application deadline September 26, 2024
Challenge Orienteering: Unlocking New Potential for a Niche Sport Club

Our Challenge

In this challenge you will have the opportunity to learn more about sports associations and the world of orienteering. This is a niche sport and its potential is not yet fully explored. You can therefore solve this challenge by enhancing your creativity and your ability to innovate. We want you to be very creative, but not to forget about the feasibility of the proposed solution.

The Story

Orienteering is an outdoor sport where the aim is to move between checkpoints marked on a special orienteering map. However, there is no set itinerary. The fun comes from trying to find the best way to go. In competitive orienteering, the challenge is to complete the course in the quickest time possible.

Park World Tour Italy (PWT) is a non-profit sports association founded in 2007. Its aim is to promote the diffusion, coordination and practice, also at an educational level of orienteering. In recent years, PWT has begun to work on the preparation of high-level athletes and on the development of an innovative vision of orienteering. This new vision takes into account changes in society and leverages the many skills and technical competences present within the association.

Orienteering is a niche sport in Italy: there are less than 7000 members of the orienteering Italian federation and PWT is trying to explore its potential that is not yet fully explored. How can an orienteering sport club use its resources and competences to generate new societal value?

Participant Information


4/11 kick off online: CBL-CYOA methodology, calendar, ice-breaking activity, team formation.

11-15/11 in-presence week:

  • Day 1 – Welcome, Challenge Presentation and Identification
  • Day 2 – Problem exploration (orienteering activity + lesson by experts)
  • Day 3 – Problem exploration (lesson by experts)
  • Day 4 – Problem exploration (orienteering activity + teamwork)
  • Day 5 – Work Plan (teamwork) (learners will receive Worksheet 1 [challenge re-phrase + work plan])

17/11 ONLINE:  challenge rephrase and workplan (learners will receive Worksheet 2 [creative ideas])

22/11 ONLINE: mentoring session with the Challenge Provider (discussion of Worksheet 2 [creative ideas] and narrowing the scope → Learners will receive Worksheet 3 [a focused idea])

29/11 ONLINE: mentoring session with teachers (discussion of Worksheet 3 [a focused idea] → be ready for the final pitch!)

06/12 ONLINE: Final presentation

Learners attending the Orienteering Challenge will participate in a preliminary online kick-off where Teams will meet for the first time. Subsequently, students will spend 5 in-presence days at the University of Trento, Italy. During that week, learners will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the discipline of orienteering, delving deeper into both theoretical and practical aspects of this sport. There will be lessons regarding sport and innovation held by experts and learners will meet athletes who will be sharing their experiences in the field of orienteering. After the week in Trento, the learners will continue working on the challenge. In the online phase they will be accompanied by the challenge provider and teachers in some mentoring sessions, useful for better investigating the problem and receiving feedback on the research methodology. The educational offer will end with the presentation of the final solutions by each Team. The Challenge Provider will decide the best proposal, that is the one capable of combining both innovation and feasibility.

Physical presence in Trento is required from 11 to 15 November.

If you are an international student, ask for financial support from the mobility office of your home university, mentioning that this learning opportunity can be a BIP (Blended Intensive Program).

The Application Process

To apply for the Challenge fill both applications HERE and HERE.

Here you can find guidelines on the application process.

If you are unable to apply to both websites due to your student status (e.g. non-ECIU international student) don’t worry! You will be asked to fill in the other application after selection.

Application deadline: September 26, 2024