Challenge 1: The Sustainable Wine Race (SOI-109)

Application deadline: March 13, 2023
Application deadline: March 13, 2023 (you will be redirected to the ECIU website)


Challenge provider Schenk
Instructor Alessandro Rossi, Roberto Napoli
Period April 12 to May 15, 2023
Application deadline March 13, 2023
Expected Class composition around 15 participants
Challenge The Schenk Wine Race, 4 ECTS
Challenge average workload 1,5 hours a day for 5 days a week

First Prize: 2.000 Euros


Schenk Italia, one of the major wineries in Italy, producer of wines and sparkling wines since 1952, has experienced many evolutions and changes over the years. After the foundation in Reggio Emilia, in 1960 the winery moved to Ora (Alto Adige) and the associated wineries became two in 2011 with the acquisition of Bacio della Luna, the Valdobbiadene winery dedicated to the production of sparkling wines with a focus on Prosecco. The third winery was included in 2016 with a small estate in Montepulciano (Tuscany), Azienda Agricola Lunadoro, with 12 hectares of entirely organic vineyards.

For some time now Schenk has been focusing on the sustainability of processes and products. After a complete analysis of the processes – including production and energy costs , effective action was taken, and a number of products very much in line with this sustainable approach were developed.

The challenge and focus of the company is now to ensure that all the efforts and commitment to sustainability are communicated in a complete and exhaustive way, by conveying a very clear message about where the company is going to: A concrete message – rather than mere “poetry”– that gives the consumer the certainty that we are working on something real.  We know that “organic”, “eco-sustainable”, and “green” are often used just as shining labels: how can we avoid the “Green-washing trap” and communicate that our commitment to sustainability is serious and reliable?

The challenge

The Sustainable Wine Race

Can Schenk’s sustainability be communicated in a strong and reliable way – and not just as a common slogan? Can we avoid the “Green-washing trap”? What is making “our” sustainability different from competitors?

Guided tour

Learners will participate in the guided tour in which they will visit three locations in the Trentino-Alto Adige region. This will allow a thorough understanding of the value chain, the market, some sustainability-related issues connected with glas production as well as the Schenk strategy that moved them to launch the challenge.

A great occasion to discover Schenk from the inside, connect with relevant people in the market, discuss strategies and have fun with your team!


Friday April 21, 2023


Fondazione Edmund Mach (understanding the Wine value chain);
Vetri speciali (the Wine packaging problem);
Schenk (understanding the company and the challenge).

Challenge final prize

Winner: 2.000 euros
Runner ups (second and third): 500 euros

Info Webinar

Wednesday January 11, 2023 – Watch


Mon17-Apr17-19Challenge Kick-offMentor, company, studentsIn presence @SOI
Tue18-Apr17-19Lecture: Challenge MethodologyInstructor, studentsIn presence @SOI
Thu20-Apr17-19Mentor meeting (20 mins per team)Mentor, studentsIn presence @SOI
Fri21-AprdayGuided tourMentor, company, studentsIn presence, Trento area
Wed26-AprtbdAssignment: Rephrase the challengeMentor, studentsOnline
Wed3-Mayany timeAssignment: FoP headlinesTo be sent by students to mentorOnline
Mon8-May17-19Fields of Play meetingMentor, company, studentsOnline
Mon15-Mayany timeAssignment: Final projectTo be sent by students to mentorOnline
Friday19-May18-20Grand FinaleMentor, company, studentsSOI (online for ECIU students)

Assessment and expectations

Ideal outcome of the Challenge is for Schenk:

  1. Getting original views, opinions and analyses from fresh minds outside our working context where, very often, we take too many things for granted and we do not notice some details that are important and could make the difference.
  2. Innovative Ideas that are, however, concrete and applicable in an industrial reality that has to deal (unfortunately) with costs, last minute requests from each country, with increasingly tight deadlines.
  3. Concrete communication projects that will allow us to develop a communication package to be conveyed through the appropriate channels, with te aim to distinguish ourselves and the company from the competitors – who talk about the same topics over and over but take no real action.

Assessment: three Fields of Play and one complete project

Application deadline: March 13, 2023