Screening and selling your business idea

Screening and selling your business idea

InstructorAlexandra Dawson
PeriodSecond semester
Length (h)6

Course Objectives

As an entrepreneur, it is important not only to come up with a viable business idea but also to be able to ‘sell’ it to others in order to attract potential investors as well as customers, employees, suppliers, and so on. The aim of this course is to help you select and screen entrepreneurial opportunities and then effectively present them to others.

The course provides both conceptual frameworks and practical tools. It is highly interactive, with students expected to engage actively in class activities.

Who is this course for?

  • For students who plan to start a venture, as it will help you screen your venture idea and focus on its strengths.
  • For students who have recently started a venture, as it will help you ‘sell’ it to others in order to attract investors, employees, customers, and so on.
  • For students who do not plan to start their own business but who will work with entrepreneurs as advisers (accountants, consultants, financial advisers etc.), as it will help you screen venture ideas for business viability and advise entrepreneurs on how to improve their idea.

Course Content Summary

  • Where do entrepreneurial opportunities come from?
  • Creating a concept statement for a venture
  • Feasibility analysis: screening a venture idea for business viability
  • Entrepreneurs’ personal and financing preferences
  • Elevator pitch: a brief and persuasive speech used to spark interest in an entrepreneurial idea or venture

Teaching methods

Lectures, class discussion and in-class work. To make this course successful, you are expected to attend class and participate actively, engaging each other in developing a critical understanding of each topic.


Relevant material will be distributed in class.


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