Social and Digital Selling: Understanding and Implementing Multichannel Strategies

Social and Digital Selling: Understanding and Implementing Multichannel Strategies

InstructorMariangela Ziller
PeriodFirst semester
Length (h)6

Course Objectives

Give students the ability of understanding social media management as a key competence in modern Sales Management (and/or Entrepreneurship), developing key selling skills in a digital international environment.

Course Content Summary

How Personal Branding crosses Marketing and Brand Strategy
Technology impact on Sales, a brief history to understand how technology impacts on trust, buyer’s attitude and sales process
Differences in B2C and B2B environments – focus on B2B opportunities. The buying process and buyer personas approach.
Using social media and technology to improve Sales
Aligning Marketing and Sales in a corporate environment, approaching Corporate customers

Teaching methods

Flipped classroom preferred, students should watch a selection of MOOC lessons/available on line videos before classroom experience. In the classroom students are exposed to a quick summary of the concepts eventually followed by a video and then discuss over the concepts with the help of a business case to internalize them. Application to students’ own case should be better understood by analyzing links to/integration with other courses (recommended).


Mooc/video to be seen before classroom experience TBD
– Implementing Key Account Management – Designing Customer Centered Processes for Mutual Growth, Rodrigo Guesalaga et al
– Permission Marketing, Seth Godin
– Digital Social Selling Index, SDA Bocconi, 2017