SOI-116 Fundamentals of Operations and Supply Chain Management

Modality In presence
Duration 6 hours
Period First semester

17.11 h17-20
24.11 h17-20

Course objectives

Operations & Supply Chain Management plays a crucial role in a company’s success: it affects the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of a business. It requires strong problem-solving skills, analytical ability, and a deep understanding of business processes.

The success of a Company largely depends on the performance of the Operations Manager, who is in charge of directing the products and services and ensure that operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Operations & Supply Chain Management leads to:
 Increased profitability
 Competitive advantage
 Better Quality
 Customer satisfaction

Content summary

 Business Processes and Business Process Management
 Types of Manufacturing Processes: the roles of Volume and Variety
 Horizontal and Vertical Company integration
 Procurement fundamentals & trends
 ERP systems: how to manage the modern-world complexity

Teaching methods

Lectures and videos

Learning Outcomes

 Understand what are Operation and Supply Chain
 Understand the fundamental concepts of Operation and Supply Chain Management
 Understand the role of computed based systems to manage complex business