SOI-118 Business Growth

Instructor Alessandro Rossi & Pablo Soler Bach
Modality In presence
Duration 12 hours
Period First semester
Dates outlined in the Syllabus


Students are required to actively participate in the activities highlighted in yellow in the syllabus file. This is the minimum requirement to get the 2 ECTS for the course, along with a final assignment which will be explained during classes and with the participation in the coffee breaks😉.

On top of that, you will be free to participate in the other activities as per syllabus!

Educational objectives and expected results

The aim of the ‘Business Growth’ seminar, in the IDSL education, is to give IDSL students an understanding of some of the strategic challenges his/her host-company is facing. In the case of digital-native startups, scaleups, SMEs, such key strategic challenges are related to business and international growth. It is the aim of this seminar to help students analyze the context along this perspective and draw conclusions that will be helpful for his/her host company and for him/her, in particular when it comes to valorizing his/her research results through his/her exploratory innovation activity for the company funding his/her ph.D.

This seminar will introduce participants to business growth and international/global growth-related strategic and management issues. After completing this seminar, the participant will understand better the business, management as well as financial issues of growing a business within companies and organizations of all sizes. Some specificities of scale-ups and large companies will also be covered.

Particularly, at the end of the course, students will improve their ability to:

  • Plan and develop strategically & financially a business in a global growth phase.
  • Organize and manage digital innovation.
  • Analyse international / global business ecosystems.
  • design international/global growth strategies.
  • organize the management of a research, development and innovation portfolio and maintaininnovativeness in a growing firm.
  • forecast needs and secure the finance in a growing company or for a growing business.
  • manage inflows and outflows of knowledge (ability to engage in open innovation).

Learning activities required from the students

Work at your own pace on pre- and post-assignments.

Students are expected to complete all pre- assignments in time and review all materials in due time before the start of the course. They are equally expected to complete all post-assignments for the recognition of course completion and grading.

Active participation.

You will be asked during the course to actively contribute in class discussion with your personal opinion and your questions. Some activities will include group assignments which will require teamwork and presentation of results to the whole class. Even though some students feel uncomfortable presenting their point of view in a group setting, contributing to the discussion in the classroom is a fundamental part of learning and developing one’s transversal skills. If there are specific elements of personal difficulty you want to talk about, we will be happy to help you develop a strategy to increase your comfort and performance in participation in the class. Any suggestions for students to improve interaction will also be more than welcome.