Strategyzing in the Digital Environment

Strategyzing in the Digital Environment

InstructorAlberto Nucciarelli
PeriodFirst semester
Length (h)6

Course Objectives

The course builds on the relationship between the concepts of strategy, business model, and tactics in order to shed light on the link between strategic choices and consequences. Students will gain basic theoretical knowledge of strategy and will be guided to work hands on case studies to apply the lesson learned. The course uses the paper “Casadesus-Masanell, R. and Ricart, J.E., 2010. From strategy to business models and onto tactics. Long range planning, 43(2-3), pp.195-215” to introduce the difference between strategy, business model and tactics. Following the analysis of main strategy literature, the course will actively engage students in discussions on a few main case studies.

Course Content Summary

In short, classes will develop as follows:
1. Analysis of “Casadesus-Masanell and Ricart, 2010” and review of main
theoretical background of strategy; Creation of groups of students and assignment of task to each of them;
2. Analysis of cases with active participation of students in debates;
3. Presentation of work groups and discussion open to the whole class.

Teaching methods

– In class case studies discussion;
– Group work.

Course evaluation

– Quality of group work and presentation of the assignment (70%)
– Active participation into class discussions (30%).