SOI-113 Supply Chain Management Game

Instructor Giuseppe Maneschi
Modality In presence
Period Second semester

05/04/2024 at 17:00-20:00
12/04/2024 at 17:00-20:00

Course objectives

The managed flow of goods and information from raw material to final sale is known as supply chain and affects everything. Supply Chains are everywhere: everything that we wear, that we eat, that we touch, that we use, have a supply chain. Supply chain managers have to focus on costs, quality, delivery time and many other targets and have continuously to make choices by taking decisions that will have deep effects overall the different functions of the Company.

The aim of this short course is to give the fundamentals elements for managing a supply chain and the opportunity to immediately apply this knowledge to real-world situations. The simulation of a real supply chain will give you the chance to put immediately in practice concepts, methodologies and tools as well as force you to take a lot of decisions to manage practical situations. The team that will win the competion will have the opportunity to take part to the Final game in September where will be present all the winning teams of the Italian Universities.


Content summary

 Company objectives: the Cost-Delivery-Time dilemma
 Horizontal and Vertical Company integration
 Procurement modern trends
 Procurement fundamentals
 ERP systems: how to manage the real-world complexity