Technological Platforms: The War of Standards

Technological Platforms: The War of Standards

InstructorAlberto Nucciarelli
Second semester
Length (h)6

Course Objectives

The course builds on the literature on platforms in order to analyze a particular form of them, that is technological standards. To do so, it relies on case studies from different industries and examines them based on academic papers such as
– Eisenmann, T.R., 2008. Managing proprietary and shared platforms. California Management Review, 50(4), pp.31-53
– Gawer, A., 2014. Bridging differing perspectives on technological platforms: Toward an integrative framework. Research policy, 43(7), pp.1239-1249.
Thus, the course looks into the competition among firms to establish their standard as the industry one.

Course Content Summary

Classes will develop as follows:
1. Analysis of and review of main theoretical background of platforms and technological platforms; Creation of groups of students and assignment of task to each of them;
2. Analysis of cases with active participation of students in debates;
3. Presentation of work groups and discussion open to the whole class.

Teaching methods

– In class case studies discussion;
– Group work

Course evaluation

– Quality of group work and presentation of the assignment (70%)
– Active participation into class discussions (30%).