SOI-039 That’s my life

Instructor Alessandro Rossi
Modality In presence
Duration 9 hours
Period First semester

28.02.24 h19-21
13.03.24 h19-21
27.03.24 h19-21
17.04.24 h19-21
15.05.24 h19-21

Details Course Code: SOI-039

Course objectives

“That’s my life” is a series of inspirational interactive seminars where young entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs share their success stories and tips on how to make your career unfold and your ideas happen. Our guests tell the stories of their personal and professional transformations from student to innovator, entrepreneur, or gamechanger, while students have the opportunity to engage, discuss their career interests and ask relevant questions and advice to the speakers.

At the end of this interactive seminar series students will:

  • learn from the experience of young professionals;
  • understand better the various career options ahead after their graduation;
  • develop a more informed view on what does it mean to launch a business as a founder;
  • be able to discuss their career’s prospects and plans for the future;
  • plan on how to increase their employability skills.

Content summary

The course is composed of 4 seminars. See syllabus to see which of them are online or in presence at SOI-School of Innovation.

Teaching methods

Every interactive seminar will be around 90 mins long. The first part will host a presentation by a young professional. The second part will take the form of a Question & Answer session, moderated by the instructor.

Sessions will follow the Chatham House rule: anyone attending a session will be free to use information from the discussion, but will not be allowed to reveal who made any comment. The rule is designed to increase the openness of discussion.

Students will be asked to prepare for every session by completing a pre-assignment. A final paper will be asked as proof of completion of the credits.

That’s My Life will be offered in the framework of the weekly networking event “SOI Open Night”. As a consequence, the audience will be a mix of SOI students and other participants.


Click here for the full syllabus.