Guest lecture on Silicon Valley startups


The School of Innovation has a pleasure to host prof. Dimitry Rtischev who will give a guest lecture on Silicon Valley startups titled “How Silicon Valley startups allocate risks and rewards among founders, employees and investors.”

Dimitry Rtischev is a professor of economics and management at Gakushuin University in Tokyo, Japan. His research compares entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley to other countries. Previously, he had co-founded and managed an internet services venture in Silicon Valley and worked as a software engineer.

Lecture abstract

Ventures in Silicon Valley rely on corporate stock to bind together founders, employees, and investors in a dedicated and cooperative relationship. Using several classes of stock as well as stock options, Silicon Valley ventures shield founders and employees from financial loss in the case of failure yet let them profit alongside the investors in the case of success. This style of venture finance propels many Silicon Valley startups but is also a source of problems.

Date: 12 December 2019

Time:  8 PM

Place: Department of Economics and Management (Via Inama 5), Room 2B

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