Performance “Theater teaches innovation”


The students of the School of Innovation, coming from different departments and different parts of the world, will perform their own theater plays on the 2nd of December in Sanbapolis. The students have devised their original scripts around a bunch of topics they have studied about during regular classes, such as biohacking, entropy or hidden scripts in social interactions.  Apart from writing the script, the students act, direct,  and choose the scenography, costumes, lights and music. The result of their creative endeavor will be presented on the stage of Sanbapolis and is open to the UniTrento community as well as to all theater and/or innovation enthusiasts.

Authors and performers: Diana Anselmo, Michele Baldo, Giulia Beccaceci, Maria Sole Biondi, Davide Crepaz, Pietro Degasperi, Amer Delibasic, Deborah Donzel, Gianluca Ferrari, Justyna Garczarek, Zilia Ismagilova, Lakshminath Kundanati, Valentina Lorenzi, Stefano Lovato, Gianmaria Mallozzi, Joan Nigorra, Annalisa Pancani, Matilde Perrino, Elisabetta Pisetti, Ruichao Qian, Chiara Sergio, Jardel Sestrem, Andrea Venturini, Pietro Degasperi, Eugenia Shlosman, Marcus Vukojevic

From an idea of Mariasole Bannò

Creative director: Andrea Albertini

Deus ex machina and director: Bruno Frasca

Director and audio/video: Pietro Camin

Date: 2 December 2019

Time: 9 PM

Place: Sanbapolis (Via della Malpensada, 80-88, Trento)

Admission: Free


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