SOI & ECIU Challenges in the Fall Semester

Zoom event
September 13, 2023
6:00 pm

Info webinar: Wednesday 13 September @18.00
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Two challenges are offered in the framework of the European Consortium of Innovative Unviersities, which means that students from the 13 partner universities can participate. The CaaS Challenge and the Peaks to Pavement Challenge will be presented by the mentors.

The Challenge “La magia della pietra a spacco” (online, in Italian), launched by MEC and organized by the SOI (School of Innovation), will be presented by Massimo Andriolo, who introduced the Innovation Olympics in Italy and will mentor students.


The Program

18.00: Welcome
Alessandro Rossi
, Rector’s Delegate for Support to the Business Sector

18.05: Presentation of the ECIU challenges (in English)
Roberto Napoli, Project Manager School of Innovation
Erica Santini, Professor at the Dipartment of Economics and Management, mentor of the challenge “CaaS”
Sara Giuffrè, SOI Education Officer, mentor of the challenge “From Peaks to Pavement”

18.20: Presentation of the Inter-University challenge
Massimo Andriolo, Innovation Manager, MEC consultant for the challenge

18.30 Q&A

18.40 Final remarks and greetings


More info about the challenges:

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