SOI Open Night: Blockchain technology in business

October 5, 2022
7:00 pm
Location Via Tommaso Gar 16/2 Trento
An informal event for students, startuppers, entrepreneurs and all innovation-enthusiasts to interact, discuss, elaborate and act around the Internet of Things.

Masterclass by professor Pablo Soler Bach

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Blockchain: a safety-efficiency-speed conundrum?

In this masterclass we will discuss the different nature of public and permissioned blockchain networks, and how those affect the development and characteristics of different types of business applications, including the most widespread: cryptocurrencies. We will explore whether fully decentralised blockchain technology has real use cases in business and whether crypto can function as a store of value (investment) or as a medium of exchange (payment), and how and why governments and Central Banks are starting to regulate, promote or even ban them altogether.

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