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A reflection on Galileo Festival Academy

GOODNET – Territori in Rete

Goodnet Territori in Rete is an important reality in Italy specialized in the designing of cultural events, scientific festivals and innovative projects for university students. Thanks to its network, Goodnet cooperates with many cities, universities and Institutions to spread latest developments in technologies, sustainability, science and entrepreneurship.


Academy Projects are intensive programs and study tours which offer not only a unique training experience but also the opportunity for a constructive interchange of ideas. In the last 10 years over 10,000 university students and recent graduates had the opportunity to meet and discuss with international experts and professionals and to visit innovative factories and research centers.

Main Academies are:

  • Green Week
  • Città Impresa
  • Galileo Festival
  • Trieste Next
  • WeFood
  • Open Factory

The Galileo Festival of Science and Innovation takes place in October in Padova and it is organized by Goodnet and promoted by the city and ItalyPost. The Academy offers direct access to events and conferences and the possibility to visit some renowned companies nearby.

In 2022 edition selected companies were:

  • UNOX

The absolute new of this edition was the presence of four thematic sections: space economy, robotics & Al, biotech & Medicine of the Future, Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Each path provided a sequence of lectures and meetings held by maximum experts of the field and by leading companies in the market.

Paolo Nespoli, astronaut of the European Space Agency, opened the festival speaking about his experience in space and new opportunities in the space exploration allowed by the development of our technology.

In the following three days many interesting and engaging conferences took place with topics ranging from the state of the art in theoretical Physics to the latest approaches in cancer therapy, from the human-machine interaction to the new way to create smart and sustainable cities.

Giorgio Parisi, Nobel prize for Physics, spoke in the final conference about the importance of science to understand our world, followed by Giovanni Azzone, president of IFOM, and Francesco Profumo, president of Compagnia di San Paolo and of FBK, who discussed the future of scientific research in Italy.

Luciano Floridi, full professor of Philosophy and Information Ethics at the University of Oxford, closed this edition reflecting on new ethical questions introduced by the development of Al.


Beyond the interesting conferences and illustrious guests, I believe the best part of the Academy is the possibility to meet students from all over Italy with different backgrounds at different levels of their path but each one willing to learn and to be part of the future. Discussion and exchange of ideas are the fundamentals of Universities, however it is rare to experience it during traditional lectures, therefore I thank Goodnet and School of Innovation for the opportunity they gave me.


by Nicola Maestri, SOI Student

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