Innovation Certificate

The Innovation Certificate is the recognition of a complete journey through innovation, business, technology and much more.

Discover what the School of Innovation can do for you.

SOI for Organizations

Build with us your challenge and find the right solution.

SOI for Students

Boost your knowledge and skills, therefore your career.

SOI for Professionals

Learn how to recognise opportunities.

SOI for Instructors

Apply in your class innovative way of teaching.

SOI for Students

Get the Innovation Certificate that will boost your career opportunities.

Personalize your curriculum! With SOI you can create your “personalized” packages of courses based on your interests, affinities and professional aspirations picking from the list of courses and challenges offered in each semester.

  • Be guided by expert faculty members, professionals, real-world innovators, and entrepreneurs
  • Get in touch with committed companies looking for innovators
  • Learn how to generate non-traditional ideas and to develop an action plan
  • Listen to guest speakers from the corporate and start-up worlds
  • Mix with other young innovators
  • Benefit of the international network of universities and institutions

The Innovation Certificate will give an important comparative advantage to SOI students over other candidates in the job market.

You can either select just a few courses and be identified as “SOI Free Mover”, or aim at the Innovation Certificate by collecting 12 ECTS.

  • Obtain at least 12 ECTS (One credit corresponds to 6 hours of classes and other activities, such as laboratories, seminars, guest lectures, or team work).
  • Attend at least 80% of the number of classroom hours foreseen for each course.
  • In order to complete a course and get extracurricular credits, students are asked to complete a small assignment (e.g. presentation, group work, case study, essay).

The 12 ECTS must contain:

  1. at least 2 ECTS from the category “Essentials”
  2. at least 2 ECTS from the category “Domain”
  3. at least 4 ECTS from the category “Specialization”

NB.: SOI awards extracurricular credits (ECTS) only.

SOI for Professionals

Learn how to make strategic choices and turn ideas into real opportunities.

The School of Innovation is open to Lifelong Learners and professionals seeking additional knowledge in strategy, innovation, leadership, technology and much more.

Interested individuals can apply for single activities, i.e. courses and/or challenges, and be identified as “SOI Free Movers” (no certification will be awarded in this case). Otherwise, they can aim at the Innovation Certificate by collecting 12 ECTS within 12 months.

The 12 ECTS must contain:

  • at least 2 ECTS from the category “Essentials”
  • at least 2 ECTS from the category “Domain”
  • at least 4 ECTS from the category “Specialization”

School of Innovation guides and supports those who are on a path of professional exploration and development allowing them to:

  1. Create your own learning path
  2. Get up-to-date interdisciplinary knowledge and business insights
  3. Learn how to overcome innovation barriers
  4. Mix with a diversified and international student population

Find out the full programme or get in touch with us for further information. We are happy to connect with you!

SOI for Instructors

Engage your students into innovative and meaningful learning experiences

School of Innovation, in collaboration with FormID (Centro di competenza per la Formazione dei Docenti e l’Innovazione Didattica), is a laboratory through which you can test and apply innovative teaching and learning methods and tools.

This sinergy has created the IEL – Innovation of Education Lab, which pursues excellence in teaching and learning through the challenge-based approach.

Benefits for the Instructors
  • Adopt the challenge-based approach and create innovative educational models together with society and industry.
  • Develop new educational pathways that are flexible in content, duration and location to include all types of learners.
  • Make the difference with a new way of teaching
  • Engage your students in interesting, meaningful and impactful challenges and courses.
  • Collaborate with companies and organizations to promote a different learning experience and support innovation and third mission.
Want to know more about Challenge Based Learning and its pedagogy?