iNEST: Calling for Innovative Startup Ideas


After the success of the first edition, the iNEST accelerator is back!

Are you a faculty member, researcher or PhD student with a groundbreaking idea that has the potential to revolutionize a technological-scientific sector and reshape the future? iNEST, the Interconnected Nord-Est Innovation Ecosystem, is inviting you to submit your innovative startup ideas for the chance to receive mentorship and support in transforming your vision into a successful reality.

Embark on Your Entrepreneurial Journey with iNEST

At iNEST, we believe that the next generation of entrepreneurs holds the key to unlocking the region’s boundless potential for innovation. We are committed to fostering a dynamic environment where groundbreaking ideas can flourish and transform into thriving startups.

Why Participate in iNEST’s Call for Ideas?

Joining iNEST’s call for ideas offers you an unparalleled opportunity to transform your idea into reality. You will access a state of the art acceleration program, tapping into the combined knowledge pool and resources of nine universities and fifteen other partnering institutions.

Eligibility and Selection

We welcome submissions from students, faculty members, researchers, and teams of individuals across various academic disciplines and expertise. We welcome ideas connected with one of the thematic spokes of the iNEST Ecosystem. At this stage there are no limitations on the type and maturity level of the proposed ideas.

Submission Guidelines and Timeline

To submit your innovative startup idea, complete the Idea Submission Form. Provide a short description of your idea, including the problem you address, your solution, and your target market.

Submission Deadline


Selection Process

The most promising proposals will be selected by the UniTN team, which will accompany them with brief mentoring aimed at advancing their business maturity.

Once updated, the proposals will be analysed by a committee of 9 iNEST spoke, who will select the finalist ideas that will participate in the Selection Day.

Selection Day

The finalist teams will be invited to attend the iNEST Selection Day, where they will present their ideas in front of a jury of experts. The 10+ winning ideas will gain access to an iNEST acceleration programme.


The iNEST acceleration programme consists of a series of in-person workshops and online webinars aimed at providing teams with all the entrepreneurial skills and tools they need to develop their idea and succeed in the marketplace.

Teams will work in a stimulating environment, where they can share knowledge and strategies with their peers, and will be supported by a team of professional coaches who will help them put what they learn into practice.

Demo Day

At the end of the acceleration path, teams will be invited to present their proposals at Demo Day, in front of an audience of investors and stakeholders who can help them take the next step and turn their ideas into successful start-ups.
The demo day of the first edition will be held on 9 October at the Aula Magna of the University of Padua: it will be an opportunity for the 15 teams involved in the first cycle of the acceleration path to present their idea in front of investors and companies and an audience of over 100 people. 

Further Information

Examples of the previous edition of the iNEST accelerator program can be found here and here.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using this form.

Embrace Innovation and Join the iNEST Community

Take the first step towards transforming your startup idea into a reality. Submit your idea today and transform your vision into reality alongside iNEST.

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