The University of Trento adopts the Strategic Plan 2017/2021


Monday, 16 October 2017

The University of Trento has adopted the Strategic Plan 2017/2021, an instrument designed to preserve the high quality of teaching and of research in the financial situation that is less rosy than the pre-crisis one. The plan fosters interdepartmental initiatives, which are able to position themselves  in the field of expansion and ensure financing. The plan, which aims at keeping sustainable growth in the situation of persisting financial challenges, has been adopted today by the Council of Administration. The total estimated required funding for the five-year period is € 12.709.000. The multiannual plan moves along four main guidelines. The University is expected to:

  • respond to socio-economic problems (such as migration or aging population)
  • give its contribution to scientific research and technological innovation in order to foster the competitiveness of the country (as foreseen by the National Plan 4.0)
  • encourage integration and collaboration as drivers of growth of research in areas where the University has important achievements and potentials (i.e. space research, quantum technologies)
  • improve teaching and research of the University through innovation, internationalization and inclusion (with initiatives during and after studies).

There are 35 strategic projects, which foresee the consolidation and expansion of the activities of the University of Trento, together with its human resources, competences and infrastructures. The School of Innovation is one of the strategic projects; it represents an interdepartmental structure, which aims at the creation of multidisciplinary extra-curricular programs focused on innovation and entrepreneurship.

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