Cveta Majtanovic

Cveta Majtanovic is a psychologist and an industrial engineer, about to obtain a double PhD degree in Computer Science at Universities of Trento and Novi Sad. Apart from being committed on a full-time basis to Business and CSR Strategic Development of a circular economy national winning startup and one innovative SME, Cveta is also Mentor in CLab where she helps students & researchers to find innovative solutions and to progress their entrepreneurial skills. After experiencing CEO and co-founder position herself, together with several Creative Director positions in international marketing environment, she started transferring human-behavior analysis and cognitive interaction in a customer-centric business strategy.

Diverse industries shaped her skills in psychology of marketing, business & brand development, shifting her focus from Python to difficult-client languages . Today, Cveta forms a Board of Directors of the United Nations Global Compact – Network Italy and a Management Committee of European Cooperation in Science & Technology’s GREENERING Action, aiming to boost green chemical engineering towards upscaling sustainable processes. Awarded by the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in UK in a category of virtuous business cases and the most innovative entrepreneurs working in the environmental sustainability, Cveta Majtanovic received in 2019 a prestigious Keynes Staffa Award.