Luca Erzegovesi

Luca Erzegovesi was born in Milan in 1957, married, three children. Professor of Corporate finance and Bank management at the University of Trento for more than 35 years. Author of publications on bond valuation, bank risk management and small business finance. In 1993 founder of a start-up company with ex students in the field of financial risk management software, now part of the Thema Consulting Group. Actively engaged in the debate on small business financing in Italy. In 2006 promoter of the adoption in Italy of the  XBRL digital format for financial reporting. In 2009 initiator of the Business Point project, aimed at providing advice to small firms in financial distress, continued in 2015 as an initiative promoted by the Verona Prefecture. Current research interests are related to bank crisis management, Fintech and new bank business models.